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Producer: ''Opus Industry'' LLC

Application: Lamp SMB-OE-75/130 has multi applicable field. It can be used for lighting of commercial, industrial and office premises, for common lighting of administrative and public buildings as well. It Can be fixed from the ceiling, suspension or mounting tray of different ways.  It has aluminum radiator, structured diffuser made of monolithic polycarbonate. Characteristics of SMB-OE-75/130

Power 128 W

Luminous flux 13200 lm

Color temperature 4500-5000 K

LEDs Bridglux CRI, RA 85

Supply voltage, V 180-240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Cos ≥0.98 f

Degree of protection IP 65

Climatic Version UHL-4

Dimensions VxDxH 750 x 650 x 110 mm

Weight 8 kg

 Warranty period 60 months