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Opus industry

Our Vision

Lighting fixtures and lighting equipment

Our company provides wide range of energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting fixtures and lighting equipment, the main advantage of those are high quality and low price. The field of application is very large starting from commercial, industrial and office buildings to general administrative and public buildings.

Dirt protection covers

Currently, this is the best way to protect your floor from dust and dirt. It keeps your floor covering prior damages, as well as saves your money and time of expensive repairs.
Our company represents a wide range of aluminum  based dirt-guarding covers. It is recommended to install in the entrances of buildings of high passage such as supermarkets, banks, hotels, business and shopping centers, etc. Such aluminum dirt-guardnig covers are placed in preconstructed special dimple in order to to keep smoothness of  surfaces or it can be placed on the floor framed outside.

It should be noted that the cells of dirt-guarding covers can withstand up to 1500-2000 kg of regular weight, have a high resistance to corrosion and anti-shear capacity, which ensures their normal functioning in any weather, be it rain or snow.

The main advantage of this method lies in the fact that its aluminum hull does not need complete replacement. Its components can be subsequently replaced or repaired easily, which in turn reduces maintenance and service costs, saving you unnecessary waste of money.

Metal Constructions

Thanks to highly qualified specialists “Opus Industry” LLC manufactures various metal constructions. Using different metal moldings, our company manufactures metal trusses, railings, benches, gates, guard grids and other difficult metal constructions, which get their final look with the help of high quality powder coating.